Nicolle Overstreet, D.O.

Family Practice - probably good value
Rating: 4.2

Phone: (718) 399-6234

Address:468 Lafayette Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Directory of doctors and an estimate of their charges.

Doctor charges for family practice can vary widely - the same visit can result in different number of charged items and different charges for each item. This website estimates doctor charges.

We do not guarantee results but hope it might be helpful for both those with insurance (some doctors may charge more items per visit) as well as those without insurance (no Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Health net, etc?). We have removed those providers who are the largest opioid prescribers according to Medicare data.

This is how it works. Search for doctors using the specialty and zip code. You will see a list of doctors and probable charges. Click on one that you like and you will get a second list with doctors that are probably better values.

Before you commit to one doctor over another, ask if he/she has a cash price!

We started out as covering doctors in New York City but now we cover doctors nationwide. is useful to both patients and doctors.
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We do not warranty nor guarantee the accuracy of the data contained. We are not liable to anyone, at any time, for any occurrences which may arise from usage of information from this website. If you have any questions, please email

If you want to be listed, please email us with a sample cash price for a common service.

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